City Commission sets public hearing for new recycling program


The Mount Pleasant City Commission meets on July 13 at City Hall. 

The Mount Pleasant City Commission will hold a public hearing on Aug. 10 on proposed amendments to their solid waste program.

The proposed changes came out of a June 8 work session, and address three factors to be targeted. The goal is to assist with the collection of solid waste and recycling. 

The amendments would introduce a one-year pilot program for expanded curbside recycling pickup in three potential areas: Between Bellows and High streets, between High Street and downtown, and north of downtown. Amendments would require trash containers be removed from curbs in the proposed areas by a certain time. There would also be options of choosing bag and tag programs as a trash pickup method. In addition, the penalties section would change to make fines for all violations consistent. 

Making the public hearing far in advance will help with public education, said City Manager Nancy Ridley at the July 13 City Commission meeting.

"It allows us more time to get information to the public," she said. "We will have to do major education (when the program begins) and we would like to do it all at one time."

The commission approved a fund transfer to assist with a road that will be built from Mission to East Campus Drive during the hotel construction on Central Michigan University's campus. Since the cost was lower than anticipated, the Economic Development Corporation recommended the commission move the funds to use for other developments in that area. 

"CMU's Master Plan shows other buildings planned for that area, but right now there is no timeline," she said. 

The commission also held a public hearing amending sections of the City Code that deal with going out of business sales. Though no members of the public spoke about the issue, the commission approved an amendment that would allow the to enforce state law in regulating the sales.


There are three seats open for the City Commission. Nominations are due by July 21. Packets can be picked up in the city clerk's office for those interested in running.

Ridley also introduced some new city staff members. Randy Keeler will be the city's new Fire Lt. Keeler has 21 years of experience and worked on department training with the Mount Pleasant Fire Department. The new Fire Equipment Operator will be Bernie Schafer, who has been an on-call firefighter for 31 years. Mike Servis will serve as the city's Wastewater Operator. Servis has experience as a heavy equipment operator. 

Also approved at the July 13 meeting was:

  • A bid for an asphalt overlay project which would apply an ultra-thin overlay on some city streets, including Bellows Street to Crapo Street to Isabella Road.
  • Island Park baseball field reconditioning


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