Delta Chi house officially the new home of Pi Kappa Phi

Abbie Robinson | Staff Photographer Members of the Central Michigan fraternity Pi Kappa Phi now reside in the former Delta Chi fraternity house on Main St. on Sept. 1.

Pi Kappa Phi can adorn their new home with fraternity letters for the first time since moving to the property in June.

The group requested a special use permit to convert the duplex at 1007 S. Main St. back into a Registered Student Organization dwelling. The house was rezoned into a room and board dwelling after  Delta Chi was ousted from the property in summer 2014.  

Mount Pleasant's Planning Commission approved the permit after a public hearing at its regular Sept. 3 meeting.

 Pi Kappa Phi began renting the property as a room and board dwelling over the summer. The group moved to the old Delta Chi house from a smaller property at 614 S. Main St.

The old house could fit just five members who shared its paltry one-and-a-half bathrooms for nearly three years. Their new house holds 12 people with more space and six bathrooms.

Pi Kappa Phi adviser David Barberi and fraternity leaders spoke at the hearing to further explain their rationale.

Barberi said members needed the extra space, but mostly wanted to avoid issues with residents.

"(Members) wanted to be closer to the campus and be more in the mix of other RSOs on Main Street," he said. "They also wanted to avoid the noise. This is a much better fit and it makes sense for them to be where they are."


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