Intramural App could pay your tuition next year

Central Michigan University students can win free tuition for a year by downloading the intramural sports mobile app REC*it.

REC*it launched in the summer of 2014. It partnered with IMLeagues, the website used by most U.S. universities for intramural sports, to bring a comprehensive intramural sporting app to assist participants and recreation professionals.

Each campus has its own platform connected to its universities recreation department. From there, schools can upload game schedules and available leagues. Students are then able to join, find or create a team.

“There’s no more hanging schedules on bulletin boards or students coming in an asking a coordinator ‘Hey when’s my game?’” said REC*it University Relations Representative and former Philadelphia Eagle wide receiver Derek Faulkner. “Now all you have to do is go check the app.”

REC*it contacted CMU in 2014, along with other major universities across the nation, said CMU Assistant Director of Intramurals Scott George.

Since then, REC*it has reached more than 1,000 college campuses and was a top 10 sports app on iTunes.

Students who use REC*it are able to create a personal profile, create and register a team or sign up as a free agent to be picked up by a team. Once part of a team, users will be able to see team standings and can receive notifications reminding them of deadlines, scheduled games and cancellations.

There is also a team chat feature that enables the team to communicate with each other.

“The advantage of having REC*it as opposed to just using Facebook or Twitter is that it connects directly with our office here at CMU,” George said. “If you’re on a team and you create a Facebook group, I would send a message to the team captain saying a game was cancelled then they would have to go to Facebook and say ‘Game is cancelled.’ Whereas with REC*it everyone on the team immediately will know that the game is cancelled and what the new scheduled date for it is. It takes out the middleman.”

Up until Nov. 22, students who download and sign up on REC*it will be entered in a national competition to win free tuition for a year (up to $20,000). Any team that has all participants using REC*it can take the “Captain's Challenge” for a chance to win $500 for their team now until Dec. 13.


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