Only multicultural sorority at CMU celebrates 25 years


New members of Sigma Lambda Gamma change behind a jacket before being presented to the audience during the new member presentation in the Bovee University Center on Jan. 23.

Sigma Lambda Gamma is the only multicultural sorority on Central Michigan's campus. 

Founded in 1990, the sorority celebrated its 25th anniversary on Saturday, Jan. 23. New members and their families crowded the Bovee University Center auditorium for the presentation of the new members.

Grand Rapids junior Shayna Heard said she was excited for the presentation because they had been working hard to prepare for the moment. 

"It's just nice to see the fruition of your work," Heard said. This was her first year in the sorority. 

To be apart of the sorority means you are a woman of distinction, she said. 

"It means holding your head up high no matter what life throws at you."

The three members crossing over for the Delta Alpha line chapter entered the auditorium in pink and purple masks, and hoods, so that the audience was unaware of their identities up until the very last moment of the revealing.

They stood on stage reciting memorized information about their sorority, and as a way of showing respect to their sorority members and other greek life organizations, they sang and danced to a variety of songs they had their own renditions to.

Senior Maricella Reyes is also a member of the sorority and explained the sequence of the event before the audience got to know who the new members were. 

"Basically, they come in, they have their entrance, and they start greeting everyone that’s here: their sisters, organizations and other sisters from chapters in Michigan," Reyes said. "From there, they go into information they have learned from their journey. You’ll get to see who they are. They’ll get the big reveal to end it off."

Grand Rapids junior Shardae Jefferson said she appreciates the event because of the diversity it brings.

"It brings us together like a family," said Jefferson.  "I think it creates a sisterhood. Because it's multicultural, you can learn about their traditions even if it's not in line with your own."