Letter: Americans should stand up for right to bear arms



The issue of firearm control has been on the world’s mind for the past decade. Many individuals have formed ignorant opinions based on fears and prejudices surrounding the issue of gun control.

Considered a hot topic in the world, Central Michigan University is no exception to the debate.

Gun control on campus is not discussed due to the never ending controversy about the topic and anti-majority opinion. We, as citizens of the United States will stand up for our right, as free individuals, in the opportunity to defend ourselves and others as “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

With the majority opinion against concealed weapons, it is difficult to advocate for the right to carry.

When a comment about having the right to carry on CMU’s campus is overheard many people immediately jump to a movie-like scenario of a mad man going on a shooting rampage.

Despite this fear, a total of 634,983 people in the state of Michigan have their concealed permit license (CPL). In Isabella County alone, there is a total of 3,012 individuals who obtained a CPL according to the Michigan State police as of April 1, 2016.

With these statistics, it is not unlikely that an individual can walk into a grocery store and pass at least two other citizens carrying a concealed firearm.

Under Michigan Statute, individuals are prohibited from carrying firearms, concealed or not, on college campuses.

Central Michigan, falling in line with the state, created policies that prohibits students from carrying concealed weapons. In addition to the violation of citizens rights. Central’s policy on firearms and other weapons is extremely uneven. The campus has a stipulation within their code of conduct that allows students to carry a blade of at least three inches.

Students possessing a concealed gun permit, having received training, registration of the gun with both the campus, and the police, and undergoing a thorough criminal background check and evaluation, is much safer than any random student carrying a knife.

Our aim is to dissipate the negative stigmas surrounding current perceptions on guns and the constitutional right to legally carry firearms.

Fear surrounding the violence of gun shootings and attacks has sprung from the immaturity and under-educated individuals have been misinformed regarding ownership and handling.

Citizens of America have a right to bear arms in protection in protection of themselves and others around them. Campus policy, and state statute violates this constitutionally given right.

Christine Hays Junior

Kelcey Geyer Freshman

Avery Barnes Junior


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