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OPINION: Elliott is best choice for Student Government President

It is always hard to pass the torch, especially when the torch embodies something that means as much to me as the Student Government Association does.

Throughout my time at this university I have seen this organization rise and fall, show what dedicated students can accomplish, and do its very best to truly represent the students. At the end of the day, that is what this election all comes down to, representation.

Who do students feel can represent them best to the administration here at CMU? Who do students feel has the experience and grit to make it happen? Who do students feel is the best pair of leaders that can help lead them?

As Vice President Maggie Blackmer and I thought upon these questions, what we kept coming back to is the “pair” of individuals.

It is because of that reason we will be endorsing Ian Elliott and Jazmin Biernat as our successors for president and vice president of the student body and the Student Government Association.

Together, we believe not only do they have the experience and temperament necessary for the roles but we believe they are a strong team that can lead a strong administration.

Elliott started his time here as a freshman rallying students around issued that matter to them. I, as a junior was blown away at this freshman who had just stepped foot on campus yet was already committed to his fellow students. I knew that there would be big things in store for this young man and here we are.

He has worked in SGA as a House Member, a Senator, served as the RSO Growth and Development Committee Chair, and currently serves on the Executive Council as our City Commission Liaison. He knows every level of SGA and would have no problem leading it.

Biernat was described by her running mate as a “young professional” during the debate which is 100 percent accurate. She presents herself as confident, charismatic, and professional with the speaking skills to match.

During the debate, she was able to clearly demonstrate how her passion and enthusiasm for this work would enable her to energize the house and senate.

Serving as the organization’s Governmental Affairs Chair, she is poised to lead the internal affairs of SGA efficiently and effectively.

These two are a team that will get the job done for students. I know this to be true because we have seen them for students relentlessly throughout their time in SGA.

Most importantly, we think they will build off of the work Blackmer and I have done to push our organization forward, which means that students will be better represented. At its very core, that is what SGA was founded for. They will be able to achieve that aim.

Our endorsement of this ticket is not a repudiation of the other.

From leading SGA during the time all candidates were involved in the organization, we had to make a decision that we thought would be the best for the students on our campus.

We will be voting for Elliott and Biernat. As long as students vote, there will be great SGA leadership either way, because it was chosen by the students.