Police respond to multiple incidents at Wayside Central on Tuesday


Mount Pleasant police responded to multiple incidents near Wayside Central throughout the night of April 12, arresting or citing eight individuals.

At 11:05 p.m. two Alma men, ages 25 and 20, were observed by police in the parking lot of Wayside Central with alcohol. The 25-year-old was cited for open intoxicants, and the 20-year-old was cited for minor in possession.

A 20-year-old Clarkston man was pulled over for careless driving shortly after midnight. The suspect was lodged and cited for operating while intoxicated, minor in possession and bond conditions violation. The passenger, a 20-year-old Mount Pleasant man, was cited for minor in possession.

A 21-year-old Romeo man was lodged for disorderly conduct after 1 a.m. Wednesday after attempting to start a fight with bouncers at Wayside.

A 20-year-old Saginaw man stole a cellphone from a 19-year-old woman sometime before 1:30. When the victim confronted the suspect, he allegedly pushed her. The suspect was lodged for larceny and non-aggravated assault.

Two Saginaw women, ages 18 and 19, were lodged for disorderly conduct 2:06 a.m. Wednesday after police witnessed a fight between them in the Wayside parking lot.