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COLUMN: A matter of opinion — let us be your voice

I believe that wisdom and perspective are the cornerstones of true knowledge. Spending some time on the block and knowing the names of all your neighbors is more valuable than any skill acquired from a textbook.

Our core American values hinge on the free exercise of religion and thought. We have an inherent, inalienable right to express ourselves.

At times, our nation has been lukewarm to upholding that value. Yet I, like so many others, hold that specific freedom more dearly and firmly than any of other granted by the First Amendment. That’s why I became a journalist, and that’s why I applied to be the new Opinion Editor of Central Michigan Life.

For the next semester, I will act as the institutional, editorial voice of CM Life, and as a conduit for the many opinionated voices that exist here on Central Michigan University’s campus.

I feel like this is a job you can only earn once you get a proper lay of the land. To say the least, I’ve been around that proverbial block.

My four years at CM Life have helped me serve as a city and university reporter, in two lower editor positions and two semesters as Editor-in-Chief of this media company.

Some of you already know me, and have seen my opinions shared on this very page. You may hate my opinion. You may agree with me. I welcome both attitudes with open arms. It’s all part of the process I hope to foster this semester in my new role.

I believe that sound opinions are formed only by interrogating your beliefs with an honest heart and an open mind, no matter how difficult that may be. Forming a sound opinion, based on fact and not feeling, takes a healthy dose of introspection and willingness to swallow your pride.

It means forcing yourself to look at another way of thinking that disagrees with your preconceived notions.

On this opinion page, I will work hard to be that open, honest voice, and I promise to examine and challenge my own beliefs in the spirit of my American values.

I can’t do that alone, however. I’m counting on each of our students and other members in our community to send letters and comments to me or our new Editor-in-Chief, Dominick Mastrangelo. Email me those letters and guest columns at We’ll publish them as often as we receive them.

What you write about is up to you, whether it’s praise for our work and our students, or challenges to our coverage and staff editorials.

My job now is to seek out those voices and feature them plainly in our designated opinion section. That includes the opinion columns from you, our students.

If you’re interested in having your voice heard in a publication read by students like you, please join us. Help me put your talents and opinions on display for the world to see. Help me make a difference in this community.

We also accept guest columns from student leaders, expert faculty, university administrators and local voices from Mount Pleasant city staff and police. Make no mistake though -- the most important voices on this page come from our students.

We are student media, first and foremost. If you’ve been around the block and want to share your wisdom, come see me in Moore Hall 436. Help me build an opinion page as diverse as you are.

Opinions, man. Everybody has them. What’s yours?


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