Annual Security and Fire Safety Report released online


Disciplinary actions for drug and liquor law violations have increased since last year, according to the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report released by the Central Michigan University Police Department.

Between 2014 and 2015, the number of liquor law violations referred for disciplinary action increased from 473 to 776. Disciplinary action against drug violations saw an increase from 125 to 147. 

By the numbers:

The Annual Fire and Safety Report lists the criminal activity reported both on and off campus, as well as on public property around the university. Here are some of the most stand out offences from this year to last:

2014: 9
2015: 4

2014: 4
2015: 21

Liquor Law Arrests
2014: 136
2015: 53

Drug Law Arrests
2014: 40
2015: 36

Liquor Law Violations Referred for Disciplinary Action
2014: 776
2015: 473

Drug Law Violations Referred for Disciplinary Action
2014: 147
2015: 125

2014: 6
2015: 10

Lt. Cameron Wassman with CMUPD said the numbers in the report are “fairly consistent” from year to year.

“A lot of variables can impact (citations),” he said. “A lot of liquor law violations given in the city are driven by (the presence of) football games, Welcome Weekend, St. Patrick’s Day and other (party weekends). A lot of that can drive the fluctuation of numbers.” 

Wassman said the differences in numbers can also be impacted by other incidents the department could be dealing with at the time. 

Since the department only has a limited number of officers, Wassman said if there are “more serious things going on, we’re going to focus on that instead of writing MIP tickets.” 

Between 2014 and 2015, reported on-campus instances of rape, robbery, liquor law arrests and domestic violence decreased. The most dramatic decrease, liquor law arrests dropped from 136 in 2014 to 53 in 2015. 

Offenses related to fondling and stalking saw major increases, with 21 reports of fondling in 2015 compared to four in 2014. Stalking offenses increased from six to 10 in the past year. There were also four instances of rape in 2015 compared to 9 in 2014.

More than 100 pages long, the report outlines crime statistics both on and off campus. It also provides a list of resources for students interested in filing a sexual misconduct complaint, sex offender registry information and contact information for the Office of Civil Rights and Institutional Equity.

The report also lists information for the Office of Student Conduct, the Office of Residence Life and CMUPD.

The entire report can be read online.


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