LETTER TO THE EDITOR: My mother, a symbol of strength while fighting cancer



My mom attended Central Michigan University, and that is largely the reason that I chose to come here.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was in the 6th grade. The doctors told her it didn't look good because they had found it so late.

Initially, they only gave her a few months until she would pass away because of how aggressive the cancer was. She decided that that just wasn't going to work for her because she had to raise myself and my sister. She wasn't going to miss out on us growing up.

My mom wanted to go to all my baseball games, and to watch my sister play volleyball. She wanted to fight and kick cancer’s ass and that's exactly what she did.

She underwent countless chemotherapy sessions and different surgeries. My mother fought her cancer for 49 months until God decided to call her home to Heaven in November 2010.

Mom was 49 years old when she died. That was when I was 16 years old and a sophomore in high school. Now I'm 22 years old, a senior here at CMU, and getting ready to graduate.

It's a true blessing to know that I've walked through the same campus and buildings that she did. The strength that my mother showed while fighting was truly remarkable. I will always remember her as such a strong and incredible woman.

October is a very special month because it brings awareness to a disease that has impacted so many lives, either directly or indirectly.


Senior, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Sport Management & Marketing


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