Panel of men discuss feminism, male privilege


Participants in the Gentleman's Panel hosted by the Organization of Women's  Leaders answered questions and discussed topics on Nov. 16, 2016 at Pearce Hall. 

The Organization of Women’s Leaders hosted the Gentlemen’s Panel, a group of eight men discussion feminism, on Nov. 16.

The men on the panel were asked about feminism by both OWLs members and the audience.

The panel was the third event of Women's Empowerment Week.

“Realizing who it effects, and realizing that if you love and care for those people that it affects, then it is the logical thing to stand up for their rights," Troy junior Garrett Ritterhaus said.

Questions asked ranged from why they identify as feminists, and their opinions of the hooking up culture, double standards and relationships.

The hookup culture was related to rape culture and how consent should always be present, even in a relationship.

Gender roles in marriage and children was discussed, and how one partner should not be putting in more effort than the other.

The panel ended with open questions from the audience and during that portion of the panel, a student said “it is almost more important that males become feminists because they can stand up for women’s equal rights, and people will listen."

Male privilege was also brought up later in the night, and the entire panel agreed that male privilege is prevalent in our society. They said males have the voice to speak up and speak out for females who do not have the same opportunity.

Feminism was said to be advocating women’s rights and how unequal men and women are, and is not meant to be hateful.

“Every single time something is trying to change in society, there will always be a counter force to stop it," said Ritterhaus. "We are in that stage right now where Feminism is becoming a thing, and it is so amazing."