Trash, housing violations discussed at City Commission meeting


Members of the audience listen as city commissioners discuss agenda items at the regular Mount Pleasant City Commission meeting on Jan. 9 at the Historic Borden Building.

A city commissioner called a proposed fine structure for rental owners "a joke," Monday night during the Mount Pleasant City Commission meeting at City Hall.

The commission postponed the approval of an ordinance amendment that would fine rental owners who fail to obtain housing licenses. The new ordinance would charge violators $50 for a first offense, $250 for a second offense and $500 for each subsequent offense. An offense would be imposed for every day a rental owner fails to obtain a permit. 

Some commissioners said the fines for the proposed ordinance are too lenient.

“If you want to make a statement and stop the illegal rentals out there you have to set it in stone and make it hard,” said Commissioner James Holton.

There were also concerns about how quickly a violator would have to obtain a permit following each offense. Commissioner Tony Kulick felt violators should be given more time to comply with the ordinance before receiving another offense.

A work session will be held for commissioners to alter the amendment and come to an agreement. A public hearing will likely be held after revisions are made.

An ordinance amendment that would restrict trash pickup in residential areas and adjacent commercial areas was also introduced. 

A public hearing to discuss the amendment will be held on Jan. 23. Holton said it would be "impossible" to enforce the proposed limits.

“I’ll be looking forward to the public hearing because my stance is that this is absolutely cumbersome and hard to enforce,” he said.

Other items included on the agenda:

  • A public hearing to discuss the potential rezoning of the former SBX Bookstore building was scheduled for Feb. 13
  • Kathleen Ling and Allison Lents were elected mayor and vice mayor, respectively
  • Appointments were made to various city boards and commissions
  • A special meeting was scheduled for Jan. 24 to consider goals for 2017
  • Commissioners went into closed session to discuss materials exempt from disclosure