Fire extinguishers and phone scams included in crime log

Citations, misdemeanors and disorderly conduct were recorded in last week's Central Michigan University Police Department crime log. 

 Feb. 6

  • Officers found 1.85 grams of marijuana wax and less than a gram of marijuana in a Trout Hall dorm room. Eight people were in the room at the time of the incident. The wax and cannabis belonged to an 18-year-old man and 19-year-old man, respectively. Three vaporizers were also confiscated, and the case has been forwarded to the prosecutor's office and the Office of Student Conduct. 

Feb. 8

  • A 20-year-old woman was scammed by an individual claiming to be an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigations. The “agent” claimed the young woman owed $10,000 in taxes and the FBI had a warrant for her arrest. After giving her credit card information, the woman realized it was a scam. However, she was able to contact her bank and cancel her cards before any money could be taken out. No suspects have been identified.
  • An 18-year-old female in Sweeny Hall contacted police around 10:49 p.m. saying she did not want her ex-boyfriend in her presence. When officers arrived at the scene, the caller’s ex-boyfriend – a 20-year-old male – was still there. Upon questioning, the young woman revealed the two had a history of issues and he wouldn’t leave her alone. The former boyfriend eventually left and officers gave her information on a personal protection order.
  • While responding to a reported fight at 1:54 a.m. at the Wayside Central, officers were alerted to another situation nearby. A man was standing over a bleeding man lying on the ground. The standing man was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. The injured man was taken to McLaren Central Michigan by ambulance. 
  • Minutes later, at around 2:13 a.m., officers arrested a man – who was the reason behind the original call – for being intoxicated and trying to start a fight. He was charged with disorderly conduct.

Feb. 10

  • Officers heard "It's the cops" after knocking on a dorm room door in Trout Hall. After repeatedly knocking, officers were let into the room and found two cases of beer. An 18-year-old woman admitted to having weed, and three men aged 17, 18 and 19 were given minor-in-possession citations for the alcohol, and the woman received a minor-in-possession of alcohol and possession of marijuana misdemeanor. 

Feb. 11

  • A 19-year-old man was convinced that he was in Thorpe Hall when police found him escorting an intoxicated 19-year-old woman inside Saxe Hall. After an ambulance transported the woman to McLaren Central Michigan, conversation with the man and police escalated. The man was given a minor-in-possession.
  • A 20-year-old man contacted police at 2 a.m. saying that an unknown subject deployed a fire extinguisher in his residence at Northwest Apartments. The caller said it occurred when he was picking up his roommate from the bar. Despite powder being all over the apartment, nothing was stolen or damaged. No suspects have been identified.