Students utilize unconventional method to wheel around campus

Like most college campuses, the most common transportation on Central Michigan University's campus is by foot. Nonetheless, there are students who prefer to bike or skateboard, perhaps, as a more efficient way to get around. Fro students Jeremy Rodgers, Ryan Timm and Andrew D' Amore-Braver, these methods are way too mainstream. 

Instead, they prefer a single wheel — unicycling their way around campus.

Many CMU students may know Roders, a senior from Midland, as "the unicycle guy." Rodhers took up unicycling the summer before seventh grade and has now been single wheeling for about nine years. In sixth grade, he was required to learn how to juggle for his physical education class. Quickly becoming a hobby and talent, Rodgers would ride his bike no-handed while he juggled. Rodgers was then surprised when his mother and stepfather gave him a unicycle for Christmas and decided to learn that summer. 

"Unicycling is pretty difficult to begin with," Rodgers said. "It's basically like learning how to ride a bike all over again When you learn how to ride a bike, it is completely new to you. You 


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