First CMED graduating class to get residency assignments


The Central Michigan University College of Medicine is graduating its first class of 64 students, which means for the first time, medical students from CMU will participate in Match Day.

Match Day will take place at noon March 17 at CMED’s Saginaw facility and is not open to the general public. Match Day is a nationwide event and occurs every year on the third Friday of March, in which medical school graduates from across the country will find out where they’ll perform their residencies.

“This is (a really big) milestone,” said Steve Vance, the college’s associate dean of academic and Clinical Technology.

After graduating, medical students are expected to move on to residency training in their desired field of medicine, Vance said. Graduates don’t know where they’re headed until they open their envelopes.

Students submitted a ranked list of preferred locations, and hospitals develop a ranked list of preferred students. Vance is optimistic graduates will have a successful experience with their matches.

He hopes the future residents will continue their studies in the state.

“We are hoping to get our students into programs in Michigan,” Vance said. “If we do that successfully, the data will show that those who are educated in Michigan and do their residency (here) are very likely to stay (in the state).”


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