LETTER: Former SGA president says a Gender and Sexuality Center would benefit all CMU students



My name is Justin Gawronski and I am writing in support of the formation of a Gender and Sexuality Center at Central Michigan University. 

As the Student Government Association President during the 2012-13 academic year, I signed legislation in support of a Gender and Sexuality Center. 

Almost five years later, it is now past-time that CMU stops preaching values of inclusivity and tolerance, and starts doing something about it.

Beyond having the honor to serve as the SGA President, I also served as a resident assistant, orientation leader, volunteer with the Office of LGBTQ Services, campus ambassador, and Leadership Institute intern. I have seen student life on campus from a multitude of perspectives beyond my own, and can conclude that a Gender and Sexuality Center will serve to benefit CMU students. 

As a former teacher, and current M.A. candidate at the University of Michigan, I have seen the impact that inclusivity can have on students of all ages and at all stages of their education.

Central Michigan University plays a unique role as the heart of Mount Pleasant and Isabella County. We have to look beyond the scope of CMU when recognizing the importance of a Gender and Sexuality Center. 

There is no question that our country has seen political divides that are now greater than in recent years. Universities help set the tone for what future generations value in their lives. The creation of a Gender and Sexuality Center at CMU is not only symbolic, but will serve to support our most marginalized communities, and further CMU as a leader in the realm of higher education.

CMU students have already proven they are a progressive and open-minded student body. I want to applaud the Civil Discourse Society at CMU, which has been highlighted as a beacon of light in a rather tumultuous political climate. 

The Gender and Sexuality Center will further the ideals and core values of CMU by creating not only a safe space for students of marginalized identities, but a brave space for students to grow and learn.

If CMU wants to continue as a leader in higher education, as a leader in the state of Michigan, and do right by its students, the long-overdue Gender and Sexuality Center will become a reality sooner rather than later.

Justin Gawronski

Central Michigan University alumnus

Teach For America alumnus 

M.A. candidate at the University of Michigan

Former CMU Student Government Association president