Max & Emily's owner dies unexpectedly

Tim Brockman to be named the 2016 Outstanding Citizen of the Year on Saturday


People sit outside of Max & Emily's in downtown Mount Pleasant, Tuesday, June 16, 2015.

Tim Brockman, owner of Max & Emily's Eatery, died unexpectedly Wednesday evening, The Morning Sun reported Thursday morning.

The Brockman family informed the city of Mount Pleasant that his public memorial will take place Monday at the First Presbyterian Church, according to a city press release.

Central Michigan Life called Max & Emily's, 125 E. Broadway St., on Friday morning. No comment was given at the time.

Mount Pleasant City Manager Nancy Ridley said she knew Brockman for at least 20 years. She said it was a challenge to put into words the type of person Brockman was and what he meant to the Mount Pleasant community.

“Tim was a great ambassador for Mount Pleasant," Ridley said. "He gave a lot of himself professionally and personally to make the Mount Pleasant community a better place for everyone who comes here.”

Ridley recalled a time she and Brockman were in a meeting where the discussion was centered around how to better explain the assets of Mount Pleasant to people.

Brockman said when he would hire people at Max & Emily's, he didn't teach them to sell sandwiches. He taught them to sell Mount Pleasant.

“(What Tim said) is indicative of how he felt," Ridley said. "He was all about Mount Pleasant. He wasn’t about an individual cause or an individual business or an individual project. It was about what’s good for Mount Pleasant.”

Ridley also remembered how involved Brockman was with the Mount Pleasant community whether his volunteer efforts were visible or behind the scenes. Ridley said Brockman was a "humble" man.

Brockman's impact was more far reaching than what the average person would realize, Ridley said.

“I would hope his legacy would be that every person can make a difference and by hard work and commitment by individuals the whole community is better," Ridley said. "I think he gave us some high standards to live by."

The Mount Pleasant Area Chamber of Commerce announced Thursday afternoon that Brockman was chosen in January by the Citizen of the Year selection committee to receive the 2016 Outstanding Citizen of the Year Award, according to an email from chamber President/CEO Bret Hyble.

Chris "Elmo" Walton will accept the award on Brockman's behalf at the 60th annual awards banquet on Saturday. It will be presented at the beginning of the program.

Hyble expressed his condolences to the family of Brockman, a former chamber member.

"Tim was such an extraordinary person," Hyble said. "This is truly a great loss to our Chamber and to our community as a whole. He will be profoundly missed by everyone whose lives he touched."

Mount Pleasant City Commissioner Jim Holton, who owns Mountain Town Station, changed his Facebook profile picture to the Max & Emily's logo, according to The Morning Sun. Holton said Brockman "set the bar that other businesses should strive to achieve."

“He was a great independent restaurant operator, community advocate and family heart and the Mountain Town team’s hearts go out the Brockman family," Holton told The Morning Sun.

Several community leaders commented on a Facebook post written by Holton, including Mayor Kathy Ling.

“So sorry to hear this," Ling wrote. "Tim was a true leader and his contributions to the community were remarkable. Mt Pleasant is a better place because of him — he will be sadly missed."

Max & Emily's is located in downtown Mount Pleasant and specializes in sandwiches, soups and breakfast. Brockman started the Max & Emily's Summer Concert Series, which has been a Mount Pleasant staple since 2008.


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