Former Michigan Democratic Party Chairman to discuss gerrymandering, 2016 recount

The former chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party, who led a statewide recount effort of the 2016 Presidential election, will speak at 9 p.m., tomorrow in Anspach 256.

Mark Brewer will share his experience with the recount and discuss gerrymandering, the process of manipulating congressional district boundaries to favor a political party.

Ethan Petzold, president of the College Democrats, helped bring Brewer to campus to “revive” the registered student organization. The Canton freshman said the organization was hindered because many members graduated.

Petzold said gerrymandering is an important issue for voters and is “contrary to democracy.”

“Voters don’t choose their representatives -- representatives choose their voters,” Petzold said. “All of our issues depend upon who we send to Lansing and Washington D.C. and if people don’t have a choice then the representatives aren’t doing their jobs.”