City-authorized medical marijuana committee submits zoning guidelines

The ad hoc committee created by the City of Mount Pleasant to provide recommendations on zoning parameters for medical marijuana facilities submitted their plan to city commissioners during a meeting on July 24. Commissioners approved a work session dedicated to the committee to take place after the regular city commission meeting on Aug. 14.

The committee was formed in response to the passing of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act by Michigan Legislature in Sept. 2016. The act allows municipalities to opt-in to permit the development of any of five types of medical marijuana facilities, including processors, growers, provisioning centers, secure transporters and safety compliance facilities. 

In the recommendation, the committee set guidelines for where medical marijuana facilities could be developed. All five types of facilities would be allowed in industrial zoning districts subject to special-use permits, and are required to implement odor control measures and provide security lighting. 

Provisioning centers would be allowed in commercial and industrial zones, though would be prohibited from being located adjacent to K-12 school buildings. There number of provisioning centers will be limited to 10, though commissioners will review the appropriateness of hat limit 12 months after the ordinance is adopted. There will be no limit to the number of other facility types.

The committee will meet with city commissioners during a work session after the city commission meeting on Aug. 14. After the work session, committee members will work with the city attorney to prepare the ordinance that would be submitted for consideration in the fall of 2017. The City will not accept applications for medical marihuana facilities until ordinances are adopted, which will likely be before the end of 2017.