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EDITORIAL: Don't let CMU get you down

Advising, academic calendars to stay on top of classes and important academic dates

Illustration by Connor Byrne

As midterm week approaches, it’s easy to forget about deadlines that don’t hinge on your classes — specifically, deadlines that could help you get out of a class that’s more like an anchor than a buoy. 

We want to help you out so you can stay on top of your academic life.

Students should remember that Nov. 3 is the last day students can withdraw from a class and receive a “W”. 

We encourage students to see an academic adviser.

If you don’t know who your adviser is, you can always check online by visiting the Academic Advising and Assistance page on

Freshmen, this may be one of the most important meetings of your college careers.

Going to an adviser will help you determine the classes you need to complete your major. They can help you map out the classes you should take so you can graduate in four years.

For older students — it may determine if you graduate on time or have to stay another semester.

Visit your academic adviser and make sure you have taken all the right classes and have the required credits.

According to last year’s data, there was one academic adviser for every 650 students, not including faculty advisers. 

As class registration comes up, don’t wait to call for an appointment. Even if every adviser isn’t busy, there will be a huge wait and you’re not guaranteed a meeting for Spring 2018.

Class registration starts Monday, Oct. 30.  

For those looking to graduate in Spring 2018, make sure you are on top of your credit requirements and capstone classes.

Don’t be the person who doesn’t get into the last class they need and can’t graduate.

We know life can feel out of control and you have no time, but make the time to visit an adviser.

We were told that if you are looking to transfer or apply to graduate school, the “W” is totally subjective to the person looking at your transcript. 

This means it’s a case-by-case basis for wherever you’re applying. 

Be careful throughout your college career that you don’t withdraw from too many classes.

Planning and regularly visiting an academic or faculty adviser can keep you on top of everything.

Know that you have many different resources to help sort this out.

Everyone struggles keeping up with classes and the different dates in college, but it shouldn’t be overbearing.

We’ve all been there.