Young Alumni Exhibition opening reception Oct. 13


The College of Communications and Fine Arts is hosting an art gallery reception for the upcoming exhibit 4-6p.m. Friday, Oct. 13 in the University Art Gallery.

The Young Alumni Exhibition is being held in honor of Central Michigan University’s 125th anniversary. The gallery will showcase 28 artists from CMU’s Department of Art and Design who graduated within the last ten years.

The exhibit will be open to the public Oct. 13 through Nov. 18. 

People will have the opportunity to meet with artists there and view the resumes of those who will not be.

Anne Gochenour, gallery director, highly encouraged students to attend, especially those who show a strong sense of artistic intrigue.

She said it’s a great way to show current students what they can achieve after they move on from CMU.

Featured artists will be from locations throughout the country, including New York City and California.

Gochenour said the exhibit is a way for "great art work to be portrayed to students through an interesting view."

“The gallery is entirely made up of young alum, so students have a clear representation of what is possible out in the real world," she said. "They are getting to see what previous students have accomplished."