COLUMN: If you find what you love at CMU, you'll find where you fit in


I was worried about a lot of things when I made the transition to a big university.

The biggest worries I had coming to Central Michigan University were would I make friends, would I fit in.

When I transferred to CMU from Schoolcraft College in Livonia I was worried about where exactly I would fit in. It was overwhelming, because Schoolcraft was all I knew.

When I moved in to my apartment in Mount Pleasant, my first thought was, “What am I going to do if I have any free time?” Between classes, homework and work, I didn’t know if I’d be able to do any extracurricular activities.

It made me worry I wouldn’t be able to make friends. Luckily, I did find one way.

My roommate knew someone starting a slow pitch softball team.

I thought, “I played baseball in high school. I love playing sports.”

I asked the person if they needed another player. Thankfully, he did and asked me to join the team.

This led me to playing softball with a great group of guys.

As soon as we had the first practice as a team, I lost all the nervous energy about fitting in. The games were the best part because it was all about having fun.

If a someone messed up, no one was upset. The whole team just moved on to the next play. We had fun.

I loved my experience so much I’ll be playing again with the same team in the spring.

This was the perfect way for me to meet new people.

Even though our season ended three weeks ago, we still find ways to hang out with each other.

Over the Halloween weekend, half the team was over at my apartment. It’s weird looking back and realizing I didn’t know anyone on the team besides my roommate before the season started.

The decision to join the team is by far one of the best decisions I’ve made at CMU.

The friendships and memories are the best thing to come from it. At the beginning of the semester, I worried about not making friends and not fitting in. Now, I’m not worried at all.

I know there are other transfer students and even freshmen feeling the same way I did.

You might not have found your friends or niche yet — but you will.

Do what I did. Get out there.

Find a group or club on campus. There are intermural sports leagues, there’s a fighting videogame club, a LARPing club — there’s every kind of group, from sports to political groups, weight lifting clubs to video game RSOs. It’s impossible not to find something you’ll like.

If you need help, go on and start searching. Ask a friend. Read the fliers posted around campus.

You’ll find where you fit.