Dachshund Derby raises more than $1,000 in donations


The dachshunds race in several heats on Nov. 4 at the Dachshund Derby held in the Finch Fieldhouse.  

Dachshunds were dressed to impress during the Mount Pleasant Dachshund Derby Saturday, Nov. 4 in Finch Fieldhouse.

Five students created the event for the Planning Recreation Programs and Events (RPL 430) class. Money raised was donated to the Mount Pleasant Humane Animal Treatment Society (HATS). 

Chloe Straub, an Oxford Michigan junior, is one of the five students who put the event on. 

“All five of us have been putting in team work, and I think everyone generally had a good time,” Straub said. “HATS is the main reason we did this, and it was a great way to bring the community together.”

About 300 people attended the event, raising a total of $1,070.80 in donations from both monetary donations and product value.

The event consisted of a costume contest between the dachshunds and multiple races. A concession stand with food and drinks were also included with the free admission. 

During the event, Livonia junior Ashley Mardeusz, expressed her excitement. 

“I found out about this through Facebook and read about the dogs wearing costumes,” Mardeusz said. “I love dogs and couldn't wait to see all the dachshunds all dressed up.” 

Stanley, an 11-year-old dachshund, won the costume contest dressed as a duck hunter. His costume was made of camouflage fabric with the addition of grass and cattails.

Stanley's owner, Michael Brandon of Midland also heard about the event over Facebook and decided to participate. 

“We absolutely love doing this stuff,” Brandon said. 

Stanley also came in second place for race, while 5-year-old Scout came in first and 3-year-old Axl in third. 

Each of the winners received a variety of treats, dog toys and gift cards from local businesses. 

Lyric Vecchio of Macomb County was one of the dog owners at the event. 

“My friend is actually in event management and knew I had a dachshund,” Vechhio said. “Of course, I agreed. My mom and I had fun preparing for it.”

Troy senior Andrew Faubel who was a part of hosting the event, said the staff was surprised to see the amount of people who showed up and had to stop letting people in for a while.

“The event went well and ran pretty smoothly,” he said. “We’re hoping the next (RPL 430) class will continue this and do what we did.”