AREP students to volunteer at Hobble Nobble Gobble


For the last two years, the Association of Recreation and Event Professionals (AREP) have volunteered at the annual Hobble Nobble Gobble (Hob Nob) fundraiser presented by the Parade Company in Detroit. 

The annual event, sponsored by Ford Motor Company, takes place on Ford Field and features a carnival atmosphere with a twist; it is a black-tie event with tickets ranging from $350 to $1,000. Attendees wear tuxedos and ball gowns while enjoying carnival rides and food stations.

On Friday, Nov. 17, 29 members of AREP will carpool to Detroit to assist and experience how a large scale event is produced. In the past, they have helped by handing out free items and gift bags, handing out flyers, helping people get around Ford Field, and escorting people to the event via golf-cart. 

According to the president of AREP, James Copus, Hob Nob is the most popular and most attended volunteer opportunity that is offered through the organization, and members always look forward to it. They are the only student group that volunteers at this event. 

 "It's so exciting for our new members to experience this event for the first time," Copus said. 

For some members this will be their third year volunteering. However, due to the large number of members this year, only a portion of the members will be attending. 

The goal of AREP is to help students discover their passion within the recreation and event management industry, and help them decide where they want to go. Hob Nob lets these students experience a real world application of their education. 

"The recreation and event management industry is so diverse it can be hard to find what you want specialize in," Copus said.