Students learn to create traditional Native American bead chains at craft event


Students gather around a table in the Bovee University Center to make a traditional beaded key chain, during the Native American Arts and Crafts Night on Nov. 20, 2017.

Students came together to learn new ways to celebrate cultural diversity by participating in arts and crafts originating from Native Americans culture Nov. 20.

The Native American Arts and Crafts night event was hosted in the Bovee University Center by the office of Native American Programs to go along with Native American Heritage Month. Escanaba senior Hannah Bartol, one of the hosts, taught a crowd of about 40 students how to create their own traditional beaded key chain.

Each student was given glass beads, rope, string and a needle to create their own traditional beaded key chain. Beading in the Native American culture is one of the major traditions that dates back thousands of years, which is why this specific activity was chosen.

Bartol said the aim of the event was to focus on an activity that would be interesting and fun for the students, but still focus on the traditions of Native Americans.

“We wanted to do something interactive that we could talk about, but also participate in to help inform the students,” Bartol said. “The importance of this event is having cultural competence and being aware of different cultures and arts that they might have. We want the students to learn something they never learned before.”

Detroit senior Husayn Jaber enjoyed his time at the event. 

“The event was great, I came to have a better understanding of arts and crafts of Native Americans, and it was interesting learning all the different beading techniques,” Jaber said.

Flint freshman Dana Hornadoa also appreciated coming to this event. 

“I would definitely come back to an event like this, I love arts and crafts. I also enjoyed learning a very skilled and unique tradition,” Hornadoa said.