Sunday Meal Prep



After a long day of class, work and other activities, cooking dinner sounds like a lot of work. As soon as you hit the couch, your brain drops the cooking idea and grabs the phone for takeout. However, ordering takeout is terrible for your body and your bank account. Break the habit of bad food by meal prepping on Sunday!

Meal prepping is an easy way to relax and prepare for the week. Spending that extra time Sunday pays off later. You can meal prep for any and all meals; it all depends on what you want to make!

Virtually any meal can be prepped for the week. Simply cook what you’d like and put the proper portions in plastic containers for each night of the week. Then all you have to do is heat it up when you get home.

If you’re in need of inspiration, here are a few fall meal prep ideas that you can try this Sunday:


Lasagna is a tasty comfort food that you’ll look forward to having each night. It’s a bit time consuming to make, which is why it’s a perfect meal prep option. It’s a great meal that you don’t have to work for, just heat it up! If you don’t want to eat it all week, prepare the lasagna in disposable mini foil pans and freeze them. When you want lasagna in the future, pull it from the freezer! 

Chili or Any Other Soup

Soups keep really well and taste just as good when they’re reheated. Preparing soup for the week is also a great way to combat the cold season. There is nothing better than a warm bowl of soup when you’re feeling sick.

Crock Pot Pulled Pork

Crock pot meals in general are a great meal prep option, but a good choice for a hearty fall meal is pulled pork! Mix up the ingredients in the crock pot, put it on low, and let your apartment fill with the sweet smell of BBQ sauce while you kick back and relax and watch some football. 

Try Meal Prepping Next Sunday!

Don’t let this list limit you- the possibilities are endless. Block out some time this Sunday to meal prep for the week; you’ll be amazed how much time you save! Try something new, or create one of your favorite recipes. Happy Cooking!