HOLIDAY ESCAPE PLAN: Alternative Topics That Have Nothing to do with Politics


We all have that family member who likes to invite controversy to family gatherings by discussing taboo topics such as politics or what they believe you are learning at your "liberal university."

Sometimes you need a specific plan to help you survive a pushy relative, but very often you can just find a way to change the conversation.

It doesn't hurt to have an Escape Plan. If you notice a lull during dinner or see that a conversation is dangerously close to discussing President Trump's tax plan or why Roy Moore could have won Alabama if it wasn't for the "liberal media," try putting one of these tactics to use. Here are a couple of suggestions that could get you out of some uncomfortable conversations. 

When the conversation starts to turn to politics: 

Ask about New Year’s Resolutions
Talking about New Year's resolutions is an excellent diversion. Keep you comments positive. Most people have a resolution and are happy to discuss it with you. This is a great way to get to know each other better and also have someone hold you accountable to follow through with your resolution 

Offer to Help with New Technology
The holidays are a great time to get deals on new electronics. Baby boomers are the ones with the money but sometimes lack the knowledge and skills to really use that new tech. Chances are, an older relative probably got a new phone or Kindle and has no idea how to use it. Offer to help them learn the functions of their new device because chances are, you already know more about it than they do.

Suggest a "White Elephant"
Call everyone who will attend your holiday gathering ahead of time and instruct them to bring a random or funny gift to exchange. During your gathering, have someone pick which gift they want. From then, instruct the next person to either choose a new gift, or steal someone else’s. You can have people unwrap each gift as it’s chosen or leave it to be a surprise until the end. Often, gifts are unique or funny and make for a good topic of conversation later in the evening. And to end the evening ...

Suggest Starting a Drinking Game
This is my favorite holiday go to. Gather up your cousins and get into the holiday spirit (literally). If you’re lucky, maybe your wine mom or vodka aunt will join, then it’ll really be a party. Tip: It’s always a good idea to get the family to play "Just Dance" once everyone has had a few drinks.