Program Board brings country duo Midnight Noon to campus

Midnight Noon band members, Whitney Campbell (left) and David Campbell II (left) perform during the Coffee House Concert Series in the University Center Rotunda on the campus of Central Michigan University, Wednesday, November 29, 2017.

The audience sang along as country duo Midnight Noon covered “My Church” by Maren Morris. 

Dave and Whitney Campbell recently rebranded as Midnight Noon. The Nashville couple performed for students and the public on Nov. 29, in the Bovee University Center Rotunda. The concert was presented by Central Michigan University’s Program Board. 

Midnight Noon has traveled to other universities and opened for country artists like Dustin Lynch and Florida Georgia Line. 

“Every show is important no matter if you’re opening up for someone or you are doing your own show, an individual show like tonight. Every one of them is a stepping stone — they are all a leading block to the next thing,” Whitney said.

Midnight Noon performs for the Coffee House Concert Series in the UC Rotunda on Nov 29 on the campus of Central Michigan University

Dave played guitar alongside his wife, sharing their passion for music and faith in their religion. The performance was one of the first since rebranding as Midnight Noon. 

“(The new name) was given to us by the Lord,” Dave said. "I woke up at at 4 a.m. and started jotting down band names and Midnight Noon was one of the first ones and it just seemed to stick. Ever since we turned our life over to the Lord, it’s His will. It’s much bigger than us."

Since their debut EP album, "Alibi," they have visited hundreds of radio stations and started writing new material for their first album under their new name. The rebranding process started to focus on their music and reflect them as people as well. 

“It seems like you can separate yourself from it now,” Dave said. “Our names represented who we are as people and our music and there wasn’t much separation. We were constantly doing the music and living just only that. Now the music is the music and we can be us outside of that.” 

Program Board found the pair at a conference, National Association for Campus Activities, where artists from different genres showcase their acts and have a chance to network. Last year, the previous concert director met with them but they were unable to come due to scheduling conflicts. 

“They were a recommendation from the previous concert director,” said Program Board concert director Grace Pawluszka. “She really enjoyed them but they weren’t able to schedule a date. I am glad that I was able to get them here this year.”

The duo previewed a new, unreleased single, "Goodbye Back" from their next EP being produced under Dolly Parton’s producer.

“Some of the songs we are working on for the project we do at our live shows to give everybody a taste and see how they are connecting it in their lives, how we can be changed in the atmosphere we are in and how the songs are helping be the change,” Whitney said.

After the show, they are returning to their hometown in Indiana and then spending time in Georgia. They will be performing at the event Christmas for Kids were about 80 tour buses will be parked in a local store parking lot so children can meet artists and get autographs before the holidays.