Make this New Year’s Eve the most fun yet – Eight ideas to liven up your night


New Year’s Eve is an exciting holiday with a lot of hype built into it. 

As college students, we often put pressure on ourselves to make this holiday an epic night out that we'll be talking about for weeks. Sometimes, though, less is more.

Whether you’re hanging with family or friends or chilling by yourself, you can make this New Year’s Eve a night to remember. Check out these ideas to help you find the best way to say goodbye to 2017 and begin the new year with a lot of spirit.

1. Spice up the party: If you are hosting a New Year’s Eve bash, make it outside-of-the-box by adding a theme or making it a costume party. You can welcome 2018 in vintage style by rocking out and dressing like its the 1980s, or by kicking it all the way back to the Roaring ‘20s. Looking to get a little more creative? Challenge your guests by having them dress up as their New Year’s Resolution. Spend the whole night trying to figure out what everyone is – or what they're running away from.

2. Head to the "Big City": If you come from a small town, there might not be a lot of local options to make the night one to remember. Consider heading to the nearest big city that best fits your style and budget – Grand Rapids, Detroit, Chicago, Toronto, and of course, New York. Even if it’s quite a drive to find something exciting, keep in mind you only live once. Go on a bar crawl, get down at a club or head downtown to watch the ball drop. Either way, you’re bound to find some new experiences and meet some new people in a new place. It's an exciting way to begin a new year.

3. Head out into the wilderness: Looking to escape from the chaos for a night? Would you like to unplug and clear your head but still have a good time? Consider finding some buddies and going to the family's summer cabin or renting a cabin to have a quieter get together. Spend the day hiking through the woods. Unwind in the evening with a bonfire. If you are really good, make dinner outside on the grill or on the fire pit. You can create as much noise as you want in the middle of nowhere, while still spending quality with the people you love most.

4. Get fancy: Is there a really expensive bar or restaurant that you’ve always wanted to go to, but always told yourself you couldn’t afford? Give it a go this New Year's Eve. It’s the perfect excuse to get all dressed up and have yourself feeling swanky for the entire night. Pretend you don’t have crippling college debt for an evening and live it up in the classiest way possible. Pro Tip: Call ahead for reservations a few days in advance. Don't ruin your night by getting turned away at the door.

5. Let college meet high school: Corunna senior Casey Smith remembered that his best New Year’s Eve celebration was when he was able to spend it with both his high school and college friends.

“It was a great night with a lot of great people,” he said.

Don’t make yourself choose which friend group to hang out with on New Years Eve. If you can’t decide between spending the night with your friends from home or ones you’ve made at school, do both. New Year’s Eve is full of anticipation and good energy, and might be the perfect time for your two worlds to collide.

6. Get artsy: If you’re looking for a more low-key party, consider hosting a wine and canvas night. This trendy activity could be a beneficial night of relaxation combined with good friends and memories. You can channel your excitement for the new year toward creating some new pieces of décor for your own home, or as a gift. Enjoy a peaceful night while you get artistic and create something beautiful to ring in the New Year.

7. Make it romantic: NYE doesn’t always have to be a holiday spent with your entire group of friends or family. It might be an ideal night for a romantic date with your significant other. Get dressed up and go out to dinner, or bundle up and find a place to watch the stars. As long as you get to kiss your boo at midnight, it’s sure to be a magical evening for the two of you.

8. Enjoy a night in: Going out for a big night of adventures isn’t always all that it’s cracked up to be. If going out to celebrate isn’t your thing, enjoy a night in with family or by yourself.

Farmington Hills sophomore Sydney Harless, recalls her best NYE was spent relaxing with family.

“I stayed in, ate junk food and watched movies, and it was amazing,” she said.

No matter what your plans are, be sure to have a fun, safe and memorable night!