How to Save Cash While Eating Out


It’s a week night and you’re sitting in your room. You’ve finished all of your homework and your stomach starts to growl. You ask your roommates if they want to go get food but they all say they’re broke. Unfortunately, so are you. However, there are a few tricks to make eating out affordable…

Get Water

While a soft drink only costs a few dollars, it can add up over time. Water is a free and healthy option. Stay away from drink specials and draft beers. If you don’t, your calorie count will rise and the dollar amount in your bank account will fall. 

Go to Restaurants on Discount Days 

Several restaurants in Mount Pleasant offer special deals on certain days. Buffalo Wild Wings offers 70 cent traditional wings on Tuesday and 70 cent boneless wings on Thursday. Applebee’s offers half-off appetizers on weekdays starting at 9 p.m. and on weekends starting at 10 p.m. Qdoba offers $5 burritos starting at 4 p.m. on Wednesdays. 

Order Smaller Portions 

Restaurants make their money by attracting customers with big portions that cost only a little more than a smaller sized meal. While it may seem like an “amazing deal” to get a larger dinner portion, the added cost can make a big difference over time. Instead of saving the extra food for leftovers, buy only what you need. It will save you both calories and money.

Bring Coupons 

There are many good deals that can be found in local newspapers such as, you guessed it, CM Life! Many businesses will put coupons in the print edition of the paper and these can be cut out and redeemed at both sit down restaurants and fast food places. 

Don’t Go Out

Sometimes the best thing to do is hit the grocery store. I get it, nobody wants to cook after a long day. However, a simple do-it-yourself meal will save you money in the long run. If you must go out and absolutely can’t find the willpower to cook, these simple tips should help you save some cash!