New Writing Center location now open in Charles V. Park Library

The new Writing Center sits is now open to students on Jan. 19 in Park Library.

Students can visit a new Writing Center in the Charles V. Park Library to improve their writing skills.

In room 360 at the Park Library, Central Michigan University’s latest Writing Center location opened this semester. It replaces its former location on the library’s fourth floor.

Part of the College of Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences, the Writing Center has myriad locations students can visit to improve their writing skills and receive assistance. There are also locations in Anspach Hall room 154 and in the basement of Wheeler Hall.

As part of CMU’s summer 2017 construction projects, the Park Library’s Writing Center was relocated to the third floor along with the Mathematics Assistance Center.

“It was an opportunity to redesign the space and make it specific for our own uses,” said Daniel Lawson, writing center director. “We had adapted to the space we had, and within cubicle walls we were able to shape it to what we needed it to be.” 

Staff member Kenneth Otani, a Mount Pleasant graduate student, said the more prevalent space in Park Library offers newer opportunities for students.

Otani has worked for the Writing Center for five years at its Anspach Hall and Park Library locations. He said the new center provides the same services and includes the same technology and computers.

“We just moved here last semester to the library location, so it’s a lot more open,” Otani said. “I like how we have the glass windows so we can see outside into the actual library.”

CMU allowed oversight and assistance between various parts of CHSBS and the Writing Center to shape the space to the college’s specifications.

“We were able to collaborate with the architects, with the space committee, with librarians and really shape that space to our needs,” Lawson said. “We’re not sitting on top of each other. Even in terms of directing folks from the door to the areas it’s much more deliberate.”

Lawson added the renovations were made to help consolidate student services and offices around campus. For the Park Library Writing Center, these moves provided new opportunities to attract students in a more visible and welcoming area. 

Flint graduate student James Cowley said he favors the Park Library location because it operates on weekends.

“This one is a lot more presentable,” Cowley said. “This one is a lot more spacious.”

The Park Library Writing Center has longer hours than other locations and is open seven days a week. The Writing Center locations in Anspach Hall and the Towers only operate four-to-five days of the week. 

During the evening, walk-in appointments are welcome at the Park Library location, according to the CMU website. 

Students can call the Writing Center locations to schedule appointments ahead of time. Appointments are 50 minutes and consultants will assist students with any part of the writing process.