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The Best Games to Play at a Party


The Best Games to Play at a Party

Although beer pong, flip cup and “Cards Against Humanity” are often dubbed classic party games, these activities played weekend after weekend can get a little boring. Spice up your night with your crew by trying some of the new and exciting party games listed below. 

Drunken Jenga

Grab a Sharpie and liven up the game of Jenga in a few simple steps. Start off by writing commands on the Jenga tiles. These actions typically revolve around drinking, but some rules can be centered around random acts such as “do 10 pushups” or “pull another brick” as stated in a list created by The Cuggernauts. After all, 54 wooden tiles have something written on them, proceed to play Jenga the way you normally would, however, each person must complete the action written on the block they pull out. The person to knock over the whole tower must finish their drink. 

What Do You Meme? 

Iconic memes featured in a hilarious Cards Against Humanity-style card game is sure to be a hit at your next party. The rules are simple and straightforward; a rotating judge plays a Photo Card and the other players complete the meme using a Caption Card. The judge picks the best caption that matches the selected meme, and the player whose Caption Card is chosen as the best by the rotating judge wins the round. BoardGameGeek, a website that reviews games of all sorts, describes “What Do You Meme?” as a “Millenial card game” for the “social media generation,” and is guaranteed to entertain your meme-loving friends.

Pizza Box

Take your party to the next level with Pizza Box. Total Frat Move describes the game as simple. “The game commences with each player’s name written in sharpie then circled on a flattened pizza box,” the website states, “Players take turns flipping a coin onto the box, if it lands in a name that player drinks but if it lands on the board on a blank spot that is where the chaos begins.” If the coin lands on a blank spot, the player who flipped the coin circles the spot and can write any rule they want, and the players to land on the circle have to do it. You can play the game until the box is filled or for hours on end. 

Never Have I Ever

No secret is safe in the game “Never Have I Ever.” Get to know friends and party-goers more than you even thought possible with this simple game that will bring on the crazy stories. This party game can be played by pulling up questions online, or you can purchase the game at Target for $10. Players take turns reading the questions, and if players have completed the action stated, they take a drink.

Your next party doesn’t need to look like a stereotypical scene depicted on the silver screen; bring some action to the party with one of the games above that are sure to provide you and your guests countless hours of fun.