Two suspects arraigned Jan. 29 for shots fired at Wayside Central

Two Lansing men were arraigned Jan. 29 for their involvement in a situation in which gunshots were fired into the air outside Wayside Central early Jan. 27, said Jeff Browne, public information officer of the Mount Pleasant Police Department. 

At approximately 2:16 a.m., MPPD officers responded to shots fired at the Wayside bar.

Wayside staff stated they saw a red vehicle in the parking lot driving at a high speed, almost striking other vehicles and pedestrians. The driver then stuck a handgun out of the window and fired several shots into the air. 

Wayside staff told the responding officers the suspect vehicle, a red car, had left the scene and had pulled into the McDonald’s parking lot located on 1804 South Mission Street. An officer responding to the call observed a red car pulling out of the McDonald’s lot. The officer then initiated a felony-type traffic stop on the vehicle.

The driver was identified as Corey Horne, a 20 year-old Lansing man. 

The mugshot of Lansing man Corey Horne.

Horne had bloodshot eyes and the odor of alcohol emitting from his breath, Browne said. After Horne admitted to consuming alcohol and was unable to perform simple tasks, officers administered a Preliminary Breath Test with the result of .07 percent blood alcohol content. Horne also had a restricted license.

A search of the vehicle revealed a Taurus .40 caliber handgun in the glove box.  When the firearm was located, the magazine was out of the weapon, though there was a round in the chamber of the weapon, Browne said.  

Officers also located five additional .40 caliber rounds in the passenger side door.  The firearm was ran through Law Enforcement Information Network, which showed the weapon registered to the front seat passenger of the vehicle, Dequarius Payne, a 21 year-old man from Lansing. Payne did not have a Concealed Pistol License permit, Browne said.

Horne was charged with: 

  • Weapons-Firearms-Discharge from Vehicle, a 10-year felony
  • Weapon-Carrying Concealed, a five-year felony; 
  • Motor Vehicle-Operating Without Security, a one-year misdemeanor
  • Operating While Intoxicated, a 93-day misdemeanor 
  • Weapons-Pistol-Carrying Concealed While Under the Influence, a 93-day misdemeanor 
  • Driving-Reckless, a 90-day misdemeanor 
  • Weapons-Firearms-Reckless Use, a 90-day misdemeanor 
  • Weapons-Firearms-Brandishing in Public, a 90-day misdemeanor  

Payne was charged with Weapons-Carrying Concealed, 5-year felony.

The mugshot of Dequarius Payne,