Women's march returns to Lansing Jan. 21


The second anniversary of the Women’s March in Michigan will be celebrated outside state capitol grounds at 2 p.m. on Jan. 21. 

People united globally on Jan. 21, 2017 in advocacy for racial equality, reproductive rights, women’s rights, sexual equality and other topics in wake of President Donald Trump’s inauguration the day prior. 

This year’s march in Lansing will be addressing the minimum amount of female legislators for the state. According to the event’s official Facebook page, the afternoon will be spent focusing on the need for women representation in the government. 

Less than 25 percent of the state’s legislature is held by women. Women’s March Michigan will be directly encouraging women to run for office on all levels of government. 

Speakers will include social justice activist Nicole Denson, the associate director of the Advocacy Services for Wayne County sexual assault services program, WC SAFE. Fatou-Seydi Sarr, the founder and executive director of the African Bureau for Immigration and Social Affairs (ABISA) will also be one of the 13 speakers making an appearance. 

Sophomore Antonia Gutierrez, of Illinois, is tackling his work schedule to make it out to this march. 

“I feel that all over the world women are underappreciated for the work they do,” he said, adding that many of his male peers don’t realize that men should also aid in creating an intersectional work field. 

He said the given political climate advances the need to address women’s equality and the recognition of all demographics who are underserved, underrepresented and often underprivileged. 

Ann Arbor sophomore Maruri Johnson has always respected peaceful protest and their likeliness to empower those involved. She said she also understands what it’s like to be underrepresented in the career field she longs to be a part of. 

“I feel like being a woman really means having to start a few steps behind,” Johnson said. “We need to work extra hard to prove ourselves in the things men already have made their mark in.”

The March will also be attended by the Organization of Women Leaders at Central Michigan University. The feminist and female empowerment group will be carpooling to the event.  

Other speakers will feature Jeynce Poindexter of the Transgender Victims Advocate for Equality in Michigan and Emily Durbin, the Michigan Chapter Leader for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. 


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