Man accuses wife of “bugging” apartment, sets curtains on fire


The following incidents were among those handled by the Central Michigan University Police Department and Mount Pleasant Police Department from Jan. 28 to Feb. 2. 

Feb. 2

Mount Pleasant police were dispatched to the Country Place Apartment building located on South Crawford Road around 7:30 p.m. after reports of a domestic violence situation, said Officer Jeff Browne.

An argument began after a 38-year-old man accused his 42-year-old wife of “bugging” their apartment, which eventually turned violent. The woman left the apartment with her sister and called police.

Officers arrived to take a statement from the wife, and then from the husband, whom officers could still hear inside the apartment. When the husband answered the door, he threatened officers with a 8-10 inch kitchen knife, Browne said.

The suspect then tried to set fire to his apartment by igniting the curtains, Browne said. Officers evacuated people from the apartment building. Officers attempted to “talk the suspect out,” which was ineffective, Browne said. 

The husband was then subdued when officers deployed pepper spray into the apartment. 

The suspect was lodged in the Isabella County Jail on a charge of domestic violence, while other charges are being considered, Browne said. He is due to be arraigned Feb. 5.

Feb. 1

  • At some point between Jan. 27-31, a vehicle parked in Lot 53 near Saxe Hall received damage including a cracked windshield and dents to the hood from rocks that had been thrown at it. The owner of the vehicle, a 20 year-old man, believed his 20 year-old ex-girlfriend was responsible for the damage. After being questioned by CMUPD officers, the ex-girlfriend admitted to throwing rocks at the vehicle, said Lt. Cameron Wassman.

Jan. 31

  • At 11 p.m., a 20 year-old woman in the Extended Hours Study Room of the Charles V. Park Library went to release documents from the printer, only to discover photos taken from her personal Instagram account had been printed by another person. Library assistants said there was no way to discover what work station the pictures had printed from, Wassman said.

Jan. 28

  • Shortly after midnight, CMU police were dispatched to Carey Hall to investigate a report of the smell of marijuana. The room from which the odor was coming from was occupied by five people — two of whom where 18 year-old women and residents of the room. In “plain view” was a plastic bag of what officers suspected was marijuana, Wassman said. The two residents where arrested. During a post-arrest interview, it was determined the two women would regularly allow other people to come into their room to use marijuana. One of the suspects was charged with Violation of Controlled Substance, while the other was charged with Disorderly Conduct — Maintaining a Drug House. Both women were sent to jail.