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RSO celebrates Charles Darwin's 209th birthday with party

Students gather around eating food and enjoying games as part of the 2018 Darwin Day Celebration on Feb. 15th at Anspach

Although Charles Darwin's birthday is actually Feb. 12, the Dogma-Free Society still took time to hold a belated birthday celebration on Feb. 15 in Anspach Hall.  

The Darwin Day Celebration included pizza, cake, various board games and Darwin-themed trivia. Students used the game-based platform Kahoot! to test their Darwin-based knowledge. Topics included historical facts such as the name of Darwin's vessel that he took on his voyage to the Galapagos, or the species of his pet.  

Dogma-Free Society is a Registered Student Organization and irreligious-based group that holds the celebration annually. Although they have a non-religious focus, Vice President Molly Sheehan said the group is for anyone who is interested. 

Once points were totaled, Sheehan won a $20 gift card to Celebration! Cinema.  

Second place and third places winners both received a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

After the trivia, students broke into groups to play the several games they brought along with them, including "Evolution," a game where the player aims to slowly evolve into a species with the best characteristics for survival.  

Because Darwin was known for his theories being controversial to the religious community of his time, it seemed befitting for the Dogma-Free Society to host a celebration in his honor, said freshman Brandon Strickland . 

"Darwin is an important dude in science, and I'm glad we get to celebrate him with pizza and cake," Strickland said.  

The next event Dogma-Free will be hosting is Ask an Atheist. 

"We usually will sit out in an open area and people get to just come up and talk to us," said Dogma-Free Society president and senior Aaron Stebelton.  

The date set for the annual Ask an Atheist event isn't decided yet, but Stebelton said it will take place once the weather is warmer.