The Dreamer Coffee Shop shuts down despite fundraiser


Central Michigan University students and Mount Pleasant residents attend the Save The Dreamer event on Jan. 18 at The Dreamer Coffee Shop.

After raising $2,347 on Jan. 19 to help keep The Dreamer Coffee Shop open, the business announced it would temporarily close its doors due to a lack of finances.

At 4:14 p.m. Feb. 17, The Dreamer posted on its Twitter page announcing its permanent closure.

"I feel obligated to let you all of you know, the Dreamer Coffee Shop is (permanently) closed," the tweet read. "Our baristas tried everything in their power to keep it open, but nothing was strong enough. We love you all and appreciate everyone who helped the fight. Keep your dreams soaring high." 

The tweet was deleted shortly afterward, and another tweet was posted at 4:57 p.m. reading, "The Dreamer Coffee Shop is temporarily closed until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience."

Sophomore Evan Jordan said staff at The Dreamer did everything they could to keep the shop open.

“We gave our blood, sweat and tears at the very end,” Jordan said. “(Another staff member and I) weren’t getting paid — we’d come in early, we’d come in when we weren’t working, we did what we could to keep the shop open as long as possible.”

Jordan was let go on Feb. 13. General manager Allie Carpenter and staff member Lauren Bindschatel were going to keep the shop operating, but it was closed for the next three days after.

This led to The Dreamer tweeting the coffee shop would be closing permanently, Jordan said.

Financial problems began at the coffee shop in July 2017 when owner Ike Han left for China after his student visa expired. Management was given the difficult task of keeping the business running.

“We were handed a situation that was already struggling,” Carpenter told Central Michigan Life on Jan. 16. “We had to learn how to run the business without knowing what to do, or what bills we were behind on.”

Han has infrequently contacted the coffee shop since he left for China.

Carpenter is unsure of what will happen to The Dreamer next.

“I don't know a definitive direction to where things are going with the shop, so I can't give you any information,” Carpenter said. “The only person who works for the shop currently is Ike Han."