Shane Morris on CMU shooting: ‘I’m praying for everyone’

A state police chopper searches for the shooter on March 2 around Mount Pleasant.

Former Central Michigan quarterback Shane Morris has been training in Miami, Florida since late December, but he remains a Chippewa.

Following his return to his hometown of Warren, Michigan, Morris found out about the CMU campus shooting that left two people dead on March 2. 

“Seeing everything and finding out from my friends and guys on the team, I’m just happy they are safe and no students of the university were harmed,” Morris said. 

Police have now found 19-year-old James Eric Davis Jr., who police believe shot and killed his parents on the fourth floor of Campbell Hall. 

“I just want to send my thoughts and prayers to the university and administration,” Morris said. “For everyone on campus, just please stay safe until the shooter is found. Everyone needs to stay safe or get out of town. I’m praying for everyone there.” 

Shane Morris

Morris, who was at Central Michigan during the 2017 football season, said he never thought it would happen to his former school. 

“You never think it could happen to you. You see it happen all across the country but you never think it could happen to the school you went to. It wasn’t a mass shooting, but it’s still very unfortunate. I’m just thankful it didn’t get to students. It’s very sad for the families and students who had to witness what happened.”

CMU football coach John Bonamego had his entire team safe and accounted for moments after the shooting in Campbell Hall. 

“Becoming so close with those guys on the team, as soon as that happens, you get worried,” Morris said. “I talked to everyone on the team and thank God they were safe. That was very good to hear."