Former tight end Tyler Conklin sends condolences to CMU

Senior tight end Tyler Conklin poses for a portrait on Oct. 11 at the Indoor Athletic Center.

On March 2, former Central Michigan tight end Tyler Conklin was getting ready to take reps on the bench press at the 2018 NFL Combine to show his skills to NFL scouts. 

At the same time, there was a shooting at his former school, leaving two people dead on the fourth floor of Campbell Hall. 

"I’ve heard about it a little bit," Conklin said to reporters at the NFL Combine. "I talked to a couple friends about it. There were only two casualties so far, praying for everybody back at school. I think it’s going to be OK. Everybody’s been good. I know everybody on the football team, Coach Bono just made a statement saying everybody was safe so that’s a good thing."

James Eric Davis Jr., the shooter, was caught just after midnight on March 3. Central Michigan’s campus was locked down for the day after Davis killed both of his parents early Friday morning. 

Conklin managed to turn around and do 18 reps of 225 bounds on the bench press, but he did not know a ton of information prior to working out. 

"It’s been so busy here, I really haven’t been in my phone often," Conklin said. "Tried to kind of stay away from that during this process. I know there was two fatalities and the police are trying to wrap it up and they’ll do it as best as possible. 

“So like I said, everybody keep Central Michigan in your prayers.”

State Police sweep blocks of houses north of Campus near Oak Street, looking for James Eric Davis Jr., the suspected shooter, on March 2.

Conklin is projected to be a mid-round draft pick. In the 2017 season as a Chippewa, he missed the first five games, but still earned Third-Team All-Mid-American Conference honors.