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Professional, administrative staff to receive 2.5 percent salary increase for 2018-19 academic year


Salaries for professional and administrative employees at Central Michigan University will increase 2.5 percent for the 2018-19 academic year, President George Ross announced April 10. 

Last year, staff salaries did not increase due to budget constraints, according to a university release. CMU’s cost share was maintained at 87 percent and university leaders increased the dollar value of CMU’s benefit contributions.

CMU will continue the same dollar amount for medical/prescription coverage for the 2018-19 fiscal year, which begins July 1. It will be applied to the cost of the employee’s selected plan. Employees will pay the difference between the university’s contribution and the plan cost.

Medical/prescription plan costs for 2018-19 (full-time employee):

Plan                                                           CMU Contribution              Employee Contribution

PPO1                                                         85.3 percent                        14.7 percent

PPO2                                                         94.2 percent                        5.8 percent

High Deductible Health Plan                97.5 percent                         2.5 percent

Medical/prescription and dental premium costs will increase in the single digits, according to a university release April 10. Varying by plan, the medical/prescription increases range from 2 percent to 5.6 percent and dental increase from -0.1 percent to 6.5 percent.

Dental plan costs for 2018-19 (full-time employee):

Plan                                          CMU Contribution                 Employee Contribution

100/50/50                               85 percent                              15 percent

100/75/50/50                         50.6 percent                           49.4 percent

For the Blue Cross Blue Shield medical and prescription drug plans, employees enrolled in PPO1 may choose to stay in the plan, but new enrollments will no longer be available. 

The CVS Caremark prescription plan (BCBS PPO1 & PPO2) will add the following two new programs. 

  • Transform Diabetes Care — A voluntary program designed to improve health outcomes and lower prescription drug and medical costs for employees and dependents.
  • Specialty Drug Copay Card: The amount of a drug manufacturer’s coupon or copay card will not be applied to the plan’s annual out-of-pocket maximum.

Health Savings Account-qualified health plans wills an increase in minimum deductibles for Health Savings Account-qualified health plans, including CMU’s High Deductible Health Plan. These include: 

  • In-network: $1,350 single / $2,700 family (currently $1,300 single / $2,600 family)
  • Out-of-network: $2,700 single / $5,400 family (currently $2,600 single / $5,200 family)

Benefits Open Enrollment runs from April 23 to May 4, according to the release. The system closes at 5 p.m. Open enrollment is mandatory in order to affirm your elections. 

Staff should have received these announcements and other information in their emails. Those seeking more information can contact Employment Services at 989-774-2010 to discuss salary adjustments, or Benefits and Wellness at 989-774-3661 to discuss health plan adjustments and open enrollment.


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