Faculty member retires after 17 years at CMU


 Education and Human Services Faculty member, John Farrar, has announced his retirement from his full time position at Central Michigan University. 

While he may be stepping down from his current position, he is not fully retiring and will be instructing an online course that he has developed for the Master of Public Health program.

Farrar will also be expanding his private practice, and continuing to supervise graduate students who are working to become licensed counselors. His weekly newsletter at snowmantherapy.com will still be published.

The past 17 years of Farrar’s career have been spent teaching at CMU, along with the last four as the director of off campus programs for Global Campus. Farrar taught both special education and counseling classes. He is known for being a storyteller in the classroom and as a counselor, using them to reinforce his lessons and ideas. 

Over the course of his time with CMU, he written several publications, including his weekly newsletters, a book focused on female mate selection, “Dump the Neanderthal; Choose Your Prime Mate”, and various other articles in newsletters and newspapers. 

Farrar says that he is anxious to hear from his former students, noting that a professors legacy lives on through their students work. The best part about CMU for Farrar has always been the students, mentioning that they are some of the easiest to work with. 

“If you can’t teach CMU grad students, you can’t teach anyone! They are motivated, cooperative, and respectful”. Farrar said that is the reason his years at CMU have been so gratifying. 

In regard to his future, Farrar has thought about writing another book, spending more time golfing, and hopefully some form of career advancement, now that he will have more time to explore different options.