Cleveland Indians logo on 2018-19 Undergraduate Bulletin cover prompt change


The original cover of the 2018-19 Undergraduate Bulletin.

The 2018-19 Central Michigan University Undergraduate Bulletin was published in August with a photo of three students on the cover, one of whom was wearing a Cleveland Indians T-Shirt.

The baseball team has been under scrutiny for years regarding its Chief Wahoo logo, which will be taken off the players uniforms by 2019, the New York Times reported.

Director of University Communications Heather Smith said University Communications collaborated with Curriculum and Assessment, the office responsible for creating academic bulletins, to choose the bulletin cover.

Smith said the team was deciding between a few photos and, at the time, nobody noticed the logo in the photo they chose.

“It was certainly an oversight,” Smith said. “It didn’t click.”

After the bulletin was published online and printed in August, Smith received an email pointing out the logo in the photo.

“We changed it in the online version immediately,” Smith said.  

Students no longer receive printed copies of the bulletin, but instead access it online. About 500 physical copies of the bulletin were printed this year, which were distributed internally to academic departments.