Karma Kat Cafe to host variety of events into November


Karma Kat Cafe is located at 612 E. Broadway St.

Karma Cat Café opened this past June at 612 E. Broadway St. and remains the fourth cat café to have opened in Michigan. 

For $10 at the door students can spend an hour playing with the cats in the cozy seating area. All the cats are up for adoption and are provided a safe and peaceful environment until they find their new homes.

“We have a horrible epidemic of homeless cats, and it’s not just specific to our area or state, it’s an international issue," said Karma owner and founder, Mystie Beckwith. "I’ve been an animal activist for many years and in the pet industry for over twenty years.” 

To find out more about Karma Cat Café’s mission statement and adoption processes read Central Michigan Life's previous article about the shop here.

To add to the endless feline fun, Karma hosts a variety of events ranging from student study nights to yoga sessions with the cats.

Beckwith borrowed ideas for events from the small collection of cat cafes dotted across Michigan, including The Happy Cat Café in Grand Rapids, which was the first to open in Michigan. By also incorporating numerous local resources, Beckwith was able to come up with a unique event to hold almost every Friday.

“We put the plea directly out there for people to come in and teach or organize something," Beckwith said. "Because I want (the shop) to be community centered, I’m open to everything.” 

Beckwith says her favorite event is doing yoga with the cats.

"It’s a very calm practice so anyone can enjoy it," she said. "The instructor, Michelle, includes a lot of cat themed lore and cat themed poses. She talks a lot about living in the moment, just like cats. I always do it with the rest of the participants.”

Here are the upcoming events at Karma Kat:

Afternoon of Tarot Card Readings - 2 p.m. Oct. 18  

Tarot cards are used to tell people's future, serving as a guide for their lives. A local expert does a personal reading with each participant for a half-hour followed by another half-hour in the cat room.

“Cats and mysticism kind of go together,” Beckwith said.  

Painting with Cats - 6 p.m. Oct. 19 

The cat room is opened letting the furry friends roam free in the lobby while participants paint. To remain focused on painting, participants revolve on and off every 15 minutes to play with the cats.

Crafting with Cats: Cat Pumpkins - 5 p.m. Oct. 22

Pumpkins are painted like cats with added embellishments like buttons, felts, and other odds and ends. The cat pumpkin sculptures can vary in size and can be fun for any age group.

Hand-crafted tote bag

Cat Tote Bag Workshop -  6 p.m. Oct. 26 

With guidance from Stephanie Jackson of Stephanie Jackson Art and Workshops, participants can create tote bags from scratch and have complete creative freedom. Of course, time with the cats is also provided.

 Nine Lives of Karma Kat - 10 a.m. Oct. 27-28, Nov. 3-4 

As part of Wyatt Hauri’s 4-H Junior Teen Leadership in Cats for 2018-2019, “The nine lives of Karma Kat” is a Halloween mystery with nine stations, similar to an escape room. The atmosphere is wholesome, and all admissions go toward care for the cats available for adoption at Karma Kat Café. Ticket Price is $20 per person.

Crystals, Healing, and Cats - 6 p.m. Nov. 16 

This event focuses on learning how crystals can be used to help with the well-being of cats. Using the mystic properties of crystals can help cat’s anxiety or sadness and is known as a calming process for people as well.

Beckwith said she would like to plan more events like a special night during exam week for students and movie nights. 

For more information or to sign-up for events online, visit the Karma Kat Café's Facebook page.