Mental Illness Awareness Conference to discuss the neurological perspectives


The Central Neuroscience Society will host a Mental Illness Awareness Conference.

The conference will be 12-4 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 14 in the Sarah and Daniel Opperman Auditorium in Charles V. Park Library. 

Central Neuroscience Society President Lake Orion junior Shelby Miller said the purpose of the event to explain mental illnesses from a neurological standpoint to promote a healthy perspective.

“Mental illness can be compared to a monster in a closet, not knowing what it looks like, or how it works is what makes it scary,” Miller said. “When you see the monster in the light, it isn't as scary.”

Mediated group conversations will follow the presentation. Mediators will be graduate students and counselors. The groups will be given more information on mental illnesses and have the opportunity to ask questions and share personal experience. 

“Mandatory reporters will not be part of the group, but caution is suggested when sharing,” Miller said.

The event will end with representatives from multiple on- and off-campus resources.

“This program will be really educational for people who are leaders on campus, people who struggle with mental illness or have friends or loved ones dealing with it, or people who just want to help end the stigma against mental illness,” Miller said.

The event is free and open to the public.