CMU recognizes 147 faculty members at Retirement and Service Recognition Ceremony


Emeritus Mary-Garland Jackson receives a plaque to commemorate her retirement on Nov. 19 in the Bovee University Center Rotunda. 

The Bovee University Center Rotunda was filled with excited conversation among faculty members and their friends and family Monday afternoon.

Central Michigan University recognized 147 faculty members at the Employee Retirement and Service Recognition Ceremony. The ceremony is held each semester to recognize employees at CMU for decades of service.

The faculty members recognized have worked at CMU for 20 or more years. 53 faculty members recognized at the ceremony already retired or will retire in December. 

During the recognition of the retirees, there was a lot of laughter and applause, and the reoccurring mentions of golf and warm weather. 

President Robert Davies announced the names of the individuals being recognized by reading a small biography about each person. After the biography was read the individuals received a plaque. 

Many of the faculty members recognized at the ceremony are still employed. World languages and cultures faculty member Janet Lein was the only faculty member that has worked at the university for 50 years.

Executive Secretary for Athletics Internal Operations Paula Erskin was recognized for 45 years of service. She is still employed at the CMU and plans to stay as long as she can. She has stayed at CMU because of its friendly atmosphere. Erskin and her husband are very involved in athletics and attend many of the games. 

“I am blessed to have had the opportunity to work here,” Erskin said. “I love the students, and I think that they keep me young."

Tim Connors is retiring after 29 years in the communication and dramatic arts department. He came to CMU in 1989 to teach and be the university theater director. Connors said he figured it was time to retire, as he has been a teacher for 41 years.

“My colleagues were great, and the students always brought something new to the classroom every semester,” Connors said.

Carl Johnson from the department of psychology has worked for CMU for 40 years. He said he enjoys teaching students and researching, and loves everything about the university "except for dealing with emails." 

Marvin Dutmers has worked for landscape operations for 35 years. His favorite part about working at CMU is being around people. 

“I am 78 years old and my advice to people would be don’t ever stop working,” Dutmers said. “I have seen too many people stop working and in six months they're dead.”

When the ceremony commenced there were refreshments available. There was a poster set up to take photographs with their peers, friends and family.