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STUDENT PROFILE: Detroit freshman discusses how she keeps friendship going strong while cities away


Detroit freshman Christyna Davis smiles for a photo in Sweeney Hall Dec. 4.

Detroit freshman Christyna Davis is an outgoing and open person. Like many freshmen, she left her best friend when starting journey at Central Michigan University. 

Davis talked to Central Michigan Life about that friendship and how she keeps a strong bond with her best friend as they live in different places for the first time. 

CM Life: Tell me about your best friend in high school. Are you still close?

Davis: So, my best friend from high school is Alysha Valcore. We’ve been best friends since day one of the sixth grade. We get closer everyday; she’s always there for me. We do a lot together, she’s really upset that I moved away for college. 

CM Life: What do you miss most about Alysha?

Davis: What I miss most is that we’re not together everyday like we used to be. We did pretty much everything together and she was my number one supporter. So we’re more than best friends, more like sisters. I miss her a lot.

CM Life: Where does she go to school at currently? 

Davis: Right now, she goes to SE4, which is also known as the St. Claire community college. She’s thinking about coming to Central. She wants to be a vet or a vet tech. She’s not 100 percent sure yet. 

CM Life: If you could use one word to describe your friendship what would it be? Why?

Davis: Oh, this is a tough decision. Outgoing. We always like to do a lot of things that are out of our comfort zone.

CM Life: Can you give me an example of one of these times?

Davis: We both went to the casino together, but she’s not a gambler. She likes to keep her money to herself. Oh yeah, I made her get out of her comfort zone. I was like, “Gambling is fun, you might win some big money and you could have more money then what you have now!”

CM Life: How did the trip to the casino go? Did she enjoy getting out of her comfort zone?

Davis: The trip went really well! At first, she was really nervous that she would waste all her money but she actually ended up winning double what she brought with her. She enjoyed it in the end. 

CM Life: Do you have anything planned to do over winter break?

Davis: Yeah, I am going to her family Christmas party on (Dec. 15). I am spending a whole week with her, we’re going to have a Harry Potter movie marathon.