CMUPD investigates burglaries in Cobb, Carey Hall

CMUPD Courtesy Photo

The Central Michigan University Police Department is asking students and other community members to help them identify two men who are suspected to have burglarized in Cobb and Carey Hall. 

The incidents happened at around 11:45 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 10. It’s believed by CMUPD that the suspects were also involved in a similar incident in the late morning hours of Wednesday, Jan. 9. 

According to an email sent out by CMUPD, the suspects entered unlocked dorm rooms and took a variety of video game equipment and clothing.

"It's not a big thing of making sure your door is locked, because if you're in a residence hall you'll want to visit friends next door," said CMUPD Lt. Cameron Wassman. "It's more important to make sure that valuables aren't laying out in the open. Valuables laying around can invite people who are up to no good to take them."

Calls helping to identify the two suspects have been made to the police department, but the investigation is still under way. 

"Once the individuals are identified, we will contact them and find out what happened and why and then they'll go through the correct legal procedures," Wassman said.

CMUPD Courtesy Photo

Anyone with information regarding the identity of these individuals, or additional information about these incidents, is urged to contact the CMU Police Department at (989) 774-3081, or by email:

UPDATE: At 1:52 p.m. on January 14, the CMUPD posted an update on it's Facebook age saying that the suspects have been identified. 

According to the post, the case remains under investigation and will be forwarded to the Isabella County Prosecutors Office.