COLUMN: Keep supporting student journalism


It’s a new year Chippewas, and a new semester at Central Michigan University. The beginning of the Spring 2019 semester also means new opportunities for Central Michigan Life to produce great journalism.

At the end of last semester, I thanked readers for supporting our journalism and reaching out to us with story ideas and feedback. 

To all of our readers – whether you are students, faculty, administrators, community members or alumni — we need your support again this semester.

We need you to reach out to us – to give us your feedback. We need to hear from the voices on this campus and in the Mount Pleasant community. 

Journalism is a catalyst for change. During the Fall 2018 semester, I would say CM Life did its job sparking conversation about issues on campus that will in turn lead to change. 

We will keep doing this, but need our readers by our side.

You’re a student and you see an issue occurring on campus? Reach out to us. You know someone who has a really compelling story that you think the rest of the community should hear? Reach out to us. You want to make a change in an aspect on campus? Reach out to us.

Even if you have constructive criticism about a story we wrote or an event we covered, we want to hear your feedback.

This semester, I challenge all of our readers to keep up with university and community news by reading us. Encourage your friends and family to as well. We publish print editions on Monday and Thursday available on newsracks around campus and the community. We publish new content on every single day. Follow our social media on Facebook at Central Michigan Life, Twitter at CMLife and on Instagram at centralmichiganlife.

Have a great Spring 2019, Chippewas. Here’s to another semester of student-led journalism. 


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