Mount Pleasant to offer free brush chipping May 13-20

Mount Pleasant City

Mount Pleasant is offering free brush chipping for up to 150 households within 30 minutes of city limits from May 13 to May 20. 

The “first come, first served” service will be completed curbside, but no alleys. Residents can make a reservation by visiting or contacting the Division of Public Works May 1 until 4:30 p.m. May 9. 

Director of Public Works John Zang said the city has offered the service in the past but is now able to offer it at no cost due to $30,000 from the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe two percent grant process in 2018. He said the service benefits both the city and its residents. 

The Materials Recovery Facility, located at 4208 E. River Rd., is able to assist those disposing of yard waste even after the no-fee service ends. According to a press release, the cost to drop off yard waste is $1 per bag or $12.50 per cubic yard. 

For those who do not take advantage of the no-fee service, Zang said fee-based brush clipping is offered all year. The cost of pickup is $45 plus $1.65 per minute over 30 minutes and 10.5 percent overhead, according to the city’s website. Unlike the free service, the fee-based service allows for pickup in alleyways.  

Brush must be under nine inches in diameter and must be neatly piled with the bottom ends of branches facing the street. According to the city’s website, the brush cannot be placed at the curbside or in the alley earlier than one week before the designated day of collection and should not obstruct sidewalks, right-of-ways or view of traffic. 

Those interested can visit the city’s website to learn more about the city’s policies regarding brush pickup.