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Former Central Michigan receiver Antonio Brown accused of rape, report says

Former Central Michigan star Antonio Brown spends time at CMU's Spring Game on March 21 at Kelly/Shorts Stadium.

Former Central Michigan wide receiver Antonio Brown has been accused of rape.

According to The New York Times, the person he allegedly raped was Britney Taylor, a gymnast he met while attending Central Michigan, as noted in the civil lawsuit filed Tuesday in the Southern District of Florida. Brown later hired Taylor as a trainer.

The ex-Chippewa sexually assaulted her on three occasions, according to the lawsuit – twice in June 2017 and once in May 2018.

Brown denied all of Taylor's allegations, according to a statement from his attorney, Darren Heitner.

"Mr. Brown denies each and every allegation in the lawsuit," Heitner said. "He will pursue all legal remedies to not only clear his name, but to also protect other professional athletes against false accusations."

During June 2017, Brown "exposed himself" and kissed Taylor without permission. Later that month, he masturbated behind her and ejaculated on her back when she was watching television at his home, according to the New York Times. 

Taylor ended her work relationship with Brown once that occurred. However, several months later, the star receiver contacted her to apologize.

Following his apology, Taylor went back to work for him since she was under the impression that any sexual activity would never happen again.

Brown raped her May 20, 2018, the lawsuit said. After forcing her onto the bed, pushing her face into the mattress and repeatedly shouting "no" and "stop," Taylor was penetrated by Brown, the lawsuit said.

“As a rape victim of Antonio Brown, deciding to speak out has been an incredibly difficult decision,” Taylor said in a statement released by her lawyer, provided by The New York Times. “I have found strength in my faith, my family, and from the accounts of other survivors of sexual assault.”

According to his attorney, Brown was asked to invest $1.6 million in Taylor's business project after being approached by her in 2017. When he refused, Taylor allegedly cut off communication with him.

But that didn't last long, as, in 2018, Taylor offered to train Brown for the upcoming season. He accepted and engaged in a "consensual personal relationship," his attorney said.

"Any sexual action with Mr. Brown was entirely consensual," Heitner said.

Later in Heitner's statement, he said the two engaged in consensual sex in May 2018. Taylor invited herself to join Brown and his friends at the Miami adult entertainment clubs. After hours of partying, Taylor "solicited" Brown to take her back to his residence. That's when the two allegedly engaged in consensual sex.

Taylor continued communications with Brown throughout 2018, his attorney said.

Before the 2019 season, Brown donated six benches worth $105,000 to the Central Michigan football team.

Since leaving the program in Mount Pleasant, Brown was selected in the sixth round of the 2010 NFL Draft. He's played for the Pittsburgh Steelers (2010-18), Oakland Raiders (2019) and New England Patriots (2019).

Brown has 837 career receptions for 11,207 yards and 74 touchdowns. He's considered one of the best players in the NFL.